We have a combined 27 years of successfully operating medical & recreational cannabis cultivation facilities and retail businesses. As a group we have 9 years of experience securing and compliantly maintaining 10+ marijuana licenses with over 30,000 sq ft of cultivation space and three retail stores. The cannabis industry is a difficult one to navigate.  There are many twists and turns that may come your way.  As a team, the three of us bring a wealth of knowledge on everything about successfully operating cannabis businesses.  From designing and building out  facilities coherently based our 9 years of operational experience to developing your cultivation cycle/plan, let us lead you to profitability by using the successfully model that we have already created.


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Tim Cullen

Tim founded Colorado Harvest Company in 2009. After years of growing cannabis, Tim is an expert in botany, production projections, nutrient cycles, and cultivation techniques. In addition, Tim brings a wealth of retail cannabis knowledge; along with legal perspective, compliance experience, and development of product inventory tracking and control systems. He serves on the Colorado State Department of Agriculture study group to identify and promote safer product cultivation. He is a board member and founding donor of Denver’s Levitt Pavilion, a concert venue opened in 2016 in Ruby Hill Park.

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Greg Fortemps

For the previous seven years, Greg has been the COO of Colorado Harvest Company, a medical and recreational vertically integrated cannabis cultivation and retail chain operation. Mr. Fortemps is an expert in structuring and successfully operating cannabis businesses, while specializing in everything having to do with commercial cannabis cultivation.  He has facilitated the acquisition of several licenses and compliantly operated 9+ licenses for seven years, he has designed all aspects of cultivation buildings, implemented several high yielding cultivation programs/plant cycles and has been integral in the successful weekly harvesting of several cultivation buildings for Colorado Harvest Company for the duration of 364 successive weeks. He has a varied and diversified combination of business and financial skills from his years as an analyst/broker specializing in the acquisition/disposition of commercial hospitality/lodging assets and portfolios. Greg was nominated to the State of CO ‘Governors Cannabis Pesticides and Cultivation Best Practices' (2013).

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Josh Cusack

Josh Cusack is the General Manager of retail operations for Colorado Harvest Company with over 7 years of cannabis industry experience, having worked on both the product side and retail side of the business in both Colorado and Oregon. Additionally, Josh brings over 8 years of corporate level sales management from the proprietary, for-profit education sector.

Josh obtained his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with an emphasis in Corporate Communications from Hawaii Pacific University and his MBA from University of Phoenix which has aided in his professional success through the understanding of business operations and the importance of disseminating management’s communications throughout the organization.   

Josh was instrumental in the successful launch of recreational cannabis at Colorado Harvest Company in 2014 from being a purely medical cannabis company.  Knowing the intricacies of both medical and recreational retail cannabis is one aspect that allows Josh to successfully partner with clients to build profitable, sustainable retail operations.  Furthermore, having developed SOP’s for inventory management and sales operations on both the retail and production side (vendor/grow); Josh has an unparalleled view of the relationship between retail and their vendor partners as these associations are paramount to successful retail operations.

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Andrew Miller

Andrew Miller currently acts as the Assistant Director for Colorado Harvest Company s cultivation department. Emanating from a Graphics design and culinary background. Andrews career in the commercial cannabis industry began in 2010 as the medicinal cannabis industry truly began solidifying its roots in Colorado.  Andrew has applied his talents in logistics analytics as well as his inherited strengths in agricultural development to assist Colorado Harvest Company in relieving unnecessary spending and produce a more profitable, higher quality, product since 2012.